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How To Make Money With Song Lyrics

Many of us as kids had dreams and aspirations of being the next big music sensation. The bright lights, adoring fans and glitz and glamour filled our minds and dreams. However, many who try to get into this field will find it a cutthroat business where managers, agents and the big wigs of the industry only focus on the money and not the craft. This is why if you have a passion for writing and music, finding a way to make money with your song lyrics website or talking about your favorite song lyrics seems like the easier way to go.

Making Money with Kids Music

You can have fun writing song lyrics for kids by setting up an interactive my favorite song lyrics social site. When we write for kids we are introducing children to the love of music. Through music we can teach them new words and phrases, and creating an environment where they are free to express themselves.

Making Money with Product Jingles

One aspect of song lyrics is creating catchy tune jingles and promotional material. This can be a very lucrative market to get into for several reasons. First of all, there is a massive market that you can break into. With the development of ecommerce, people everywhere are trying to sell something online. When locating these people you can approach them with your favorite song lyrics that match their product. These lyrics can be on your own song lyrics website where your writing skills and ability to manipulate words can help them write a jingle for their product, develop a theme song for their brand and so much more.

Audio Clips and Beats

Another great way to make money with lyrics is to create audio clips, beats, sound effects and more. One thing that people are always looking for are great audio clips like word phrases, background music and even original musical scores for video games. Taking your song lyric and music writing talents to these mediums will open a wide range of opportunities for your skills to shine.

Audio Books

Audio books are a terrific way to tell a story. In many books there will be some background music or sound effects scattered throughout. Also, if you talk to an author about their book maybe there would be a place, or several places, where you can take a scene and turn it into a singing piece, similar to what they do in the movies or television programs. This will add a unique element to the book as well as give the author new motivation to write these types of scenes into their next books.

Improving Your Craft

When creating song lyrics, revisiting your favorite lyrics as a child will help you to really see how the greats did it. Too often, we focus on the new artists and the skills they bring to the table. Taking a step back and really reflecting on how others have done it in the past will help improve your skills.

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