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Xyclone Tops Amazon Bestseller List

Updated: Oct 29, 2021


Congress Society, the new album by dancehall artiste Xyclone is currently number one on the Amazon bestselling reggae album listing. Available only by pre-order, the seven-track set will officially be released on June 26. The tracks are One Call, Murdera, Shake Anthem, Rich Life (featuring Noah Powa), Plan, and Bigga Bounce. The intro features World Dawg aka Facebook Hero. Xyclone is hoping to make an impression on the Billboard Reggae Albums chart with his latest effort. He previously scored chart success with four albums. From the Basement to the Big Leagues topped the chart in 2017, while a year later, 2774 Waterford Parkway reached number four. Last year he hit the chart twice: Sounds of Africa peaked at number seven and The Year of the Wolftopped out at number three. Xyclone, whose real name is Roje Robinson, said his latest project is different from his previous efforts. “The album is more targeting a hard-core dancehall crowd. My previous albums were a combination of different genres,” he told Jamaica Observer's Splash. He also added that his delivery and style is more modern compared to his previous work.

Bobby Konders, SG Records, Jaus Col, Kris David, Jay Crazie, Trackstarr are among the producers on Congress Society.

“The title of the album represents my fan base. If you're an immediate Xyclone fan, then you're a part of my movement The Congress Society, said Xyclone.

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Xyclone tops Amazon bestseller list By Kevin Jackson Observer writer Friday, June 12, 2020

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